Caution: Man At Work

Construction Needed

It is obvious that I need to commit some additional time today to getting this blog looking just the way I want it to. Right now, the thorn in my side are the four columns in the footer of the page. Although I did manage to figure out how to edit the Blogroll, I cannot seem to remove the original default columns to add my own. This might require rolling up my sleeves and digging into the HTML and CSS code myself.

Later today, I’ll put real blog links into the Blogroll – at the moment, they are merely pointing to other websites. It is likely that most of blogs will point to SQL Server material; hopefully I can tweak that up further though and categorize.

The next big thing to do will be getting the RSS feed(s) to work properly.

Lastly, the “About” page doesn’t point anywhere! You will get the dreaded HTTP 404 error if you click that link. With a bit of luck, I can get that to link back to my website.