My New Toy, My New Frustration…

CS5 One reason for my drop in posting this month is that I bought a new toy. I upgraded from my Adobe Web Standard CS3 to Web Premium CS5. I love the toolset around Dreamweaver for web work. Web Premium also gives me Photoshop and I was excited to have something new to learn.

I installed everything on my laptop at work and had a colleague walk me through some Photoshop settings and experiments. Amazing! I was blown away.

Then I installed CS5 at home and launched Dreamweaver on a local site I had begun in CS3. All my thrill and excitement evaporated. The performance sucked.

It sucked intolerably. An absolutely unusable product! What was wrong?

Of course, my career at Microsoft orbits the world of troubleshooting, so I began to dig in. You are – at this moment – looking at what caused the performance problem. My website was based off the same Cascading Style Sheet and graphics as this blog theme.

Little did I know, that I would end up facing the stress of calling Adobe Technical Support…

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