Radio Silence

July is nearly over and this is only my second post.

No particular reason – I just didn’t feel like writing. Several times in the past weeks I tried to come up with something. But the efforts died in my brain… It’s just been a meh sort of month.

As is custom, I wrote a birthday greeting to Canada on July 1. I usually do one for the United States on July 4; but I didn’t this year.

In addition to the meh feeling, I am utterly disgusted with the country under President Cheeto Hitler. It’s not fair to condemn the entire country – I have many friends living there. I remain shocked at how truly awful things have become; I never dreamed it would be this bad. I am observing the next year and a bit leading to the 2020 election with fear and trepidation. I keep trying to hope for something better, but it just keeps getting worse.

So this is a quick, personal update before August rolls around.


Two days ago, Olenna came back home. The Etobicoke Humane Society had arranged for her to be taken to London, Ontario. The veterinarian there is trained to treat thyroid conditions with radioactive iodine-131. She had to stay for a week and her litter business will be slightly radioactive for the next two weeks. Hopefully, she will be healthier for it.


Last week I received word that my grandmother’s kidneys were beginning to fail. She has a reduced appetite. My uncle made it sound like grandma was at death’s doorstep – however, I haven’t heard any further updates. My dad and aunt are taking the just-in-case option and travelling to Canada.


I have finally started working on the Tower Bridge model. I don’t think I have procrastinated a build more than this one. The set is an incredible one, but the build has been challenging due to confined working space. As usual, I will post photos on Flickr once the work is complete.

New Architecture sets this year are Trafalgar Square and a huge Empire State Building. The first ESB model was only about 75 pieces. This new one will take the crown as the largest Architecture set to date.

3D Art

Almost zero advancement on this front. LightWave 3D 2019.1 released. There is a new release of Substance Painter. My friend Dax keeps developing Gaea at a relentless pace. I don’t know if I will ever get caught up!


No major updates in my photography either. I am looking forward to the next Toronto Air Show on Labour Day weekend. I am also looking to learn more about the PhotoPills app thanks to a new course on KelbyOne.

So there it is! Hopefully I can climb out of this rut and start being more creative again.