Toronto Sunset

Last Friday was the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year.

The Golden Hour would not begin until after 8PM and the sun would not fully set until after 9PM. I wanted to capture the Toronto skyline with the raking light of the sunset. So I chose Humber Bay Park East and packed up my gear. This could also be a good excuse to use the Sigma 150-600mm lens again.

Although the light wasn’t quite what I had hoped it would be – the forest of condominiums at Humber Bay blocked much of the setting sun – I still managed some decent photos. I think the huge panorama turned out best.

Toronto Skyline Pano

Flickr cannot do this image justice. At full size and the highest JPEG quality, it weighs in at over 300 MB. I had to reduce the JPEG quality to 8 in order to upload it. The image is over 33,000 pixels wide and 11,000 pixels tall. I used the Sigma super-telephoto and my tripod to capture 54 RAW images. I couldn’t stitch them together in Adobe Camera Raw in one go. I had to make four smaller “panoramas” and open those in Photoshop. I used the photomerge feature to get the final panorama. It required extensive post-processing work to fill in parts of the water and sky.

If you scroll to the bottom of my Toronto, Ontario Flickr album, you can see the other images that I made that evening.

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