Photoshop World East Flickr Album

The Flickr album took longer than usual to put together – heck, I am still working on some addition images. I’ve been in another rut that drains my creativity and enthusiasm. But the album is here now.

DeanThe split-lighting image from Glyn Dewis’ pre-conference class was the first one that I worked on. It had been on my mind ever since I looked at the back of my camera in the class. Dean, the model, is a handsome chap and the lighting is definitely dramatic. Just about the only work I did on it was to bring out the blue from Dean’s eye on the dark side of his face. I didn’t want to make it like the Game Of Thrones white walkers; but I did want to show a bit more detail in the shadow.

Bayou Live Shoot 04Photoshop World usually has two live model pavilions. This year was particularly creative.

The bayou tackle / ‘gator hunter shack was great. The set designer put a lot of attention to background details into it. The model did a wonderful job too – she could switch from a sultry, come-hither look to a mocking sneer that screamed, “You ain’t from around these parts, are ya?”

I added some cigarette smoke in Photoshop since she wasn’t really smoking of course. I also used the Trees filter to cover-up places where the rest of the convention hall made into my shot.

The second live model used a simpler but no less creative steampunk theme. This guy was wonderfully over-the-top and was clearly enjoying himself.

Steampunk Master Of Time 03The set designer included a smoke generator that he would set off throughout the show. In my photos, I added the smoke with Photoshop.

I call this costume “Master Of Time.”

I wish I could attend Photoshop World West in Las Vegas in August. Unfortunately, all my vacation days are accounted for this year.

Check out the Flickr album and please look again in a day or two. I am working on editing more photos today.