Brace-Face Is Here

Brace-FaceLast Thursday, I was at the orthodontist to transform my mouth into a metallic monstrosity.

Apparently, my lower teeth have shifted forward, causing my upper teeth to wear away their enamel with every single bite. Although this is not causing immediate problems, it will lead to more serious issues in the future.

So here I am. Pushing 50 years old with my mouth tricked-out like a pre-teen.

This has been awkward. I feel a constant vise-like pressure and when I chew anything that pressure is intensified. It doesn’t quite reach the level of pain – more of an annoying awareness. The inside of my lips are chaffing too. However; nothing beats the feeling while eating that there is something caught between all of my teeth. Very weird.

I think these first few weeks are to help close some gaps that I have (where food really would sometimes lodge). Toward the end of June, more braces are being added and there will be elastics to begin pulling the lower teeth backward.

The biggest frustration is the cost. My work “benefits” only cover orthodontic work for kids. So this is entirely on me. Almost $7,000 and about a year and a half of waiting.

This had better be worth it.