Game Of Thrones – Season 8 Episode 6 (No Spoilers)

So this is it. The tale is now told to completion.


All but the most die-hard of spoiler-avoiders will know of the fan disappointment in this final season. I’m one of the disappointed. While the shows were good, they lacked a certain something that the earlier seasons had. Many have theorized that it was the show racing past George R. R. Martin’s book writing. I think that is a component; but it doesn’t cover the entire problem. The show’s writing lacked pacing and the sense of time passage was grossly distorted. With only six episodes rather than the usual ten for this final season, I looked forward to the promised longer-running episodes.

The final three shows averaged about 80 minutes instead of the usual 50-55 minutes.

This extra time was filled with jaw-dropping visual effects. But that’s all. The narrative was sparse and exposition minimal.

The term “jumping the shark” applies here. Game Of Thrones jumped the shark, so I am glad that it is over; it would have only gotten worse if a Season 9 had been planned.

I’ll cancel my HBO subscription and return to not watching TV. I’m grateful for what we do have. It was epic.