Updates: Lady Olenna, Photoshop World & FFRF

Lady Olenna

It has been a rocky couple of weeks. As I previously mentioned, Lady Olenna had an extended vet stay because she was not eating. We discovered that her hyperthyroidism had kicked back in; but also that she has the start of kidney disease. That’s not too uncommon for older cats, but it seems so unfair for yet another issue to plague this sweet kitty’s life.

The vet has put her on yet another specialized food formula and given another medication that I have to administer daily. She has appeared to be mostly stable since then and has opened up quite a lot. She is definitely more affectionate than when she first arrived here.

I did say “mostly stable” though. I am getting concerned that she might not be peeing regularly. As a minimum, she is not peeing in the litter trays. But I have not found any puddles anywhere. So something may be amiss still. I’m watching closely.

I have decided to foster Lady Olenna rather than adopt her. This means that she will live at my place, out of the EHS shelter, I’ll administer her medicines, as well as take her to the vet for check-ups. EHS will shoulder those medical costs though – which is nice because they can be substantial. If I adopt her, the entirety of these expenses would be on me.

Photoshop World

It is now less than a month before I fly down to Orlando, Florida for Photoshop World East. I can’t wait! This is always a great time.

Alas, I did discover that Canon will not be present this year. They usually have a free camera cleaning lab and store on-site. I had been hoping to take advantage of that this year. Ah well, perhaps next year.

I will be attending a pre-con workshop put on by the amazing Glyn Dewis. I’m sure that I’ll learn a lot; but I must confess to feeling a bit intimidated as well. This could be like drinking from the firehose.

What I am not yet sure about is whether the Wyrd Brothers Vikings will return to PSW this year. I sure hope that they do!


This year’s National Convention is back in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. The speaker line-up is looking great. Trae Crowder, Wendy Davis, Hemant Mehta, Sarah Vowel, Anthony Pinn and more. Wow!

After the convention, I will be headed up to the Wisconsin Peninsula to visit my friends for a few days. It will be wonderful to hang out with them again. For now, it seems that October is a lifetime away still.

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