Bell Tower Progress & Regress

A few weeks ago, I finished UV mapping my bell tower model. I set out texturing it in Substance Painter.tower

This render came from the nVidia iray engine inside Substance Painter. It looks pretty good from a distance, but this process showed me that I could make improvements. Most notably, you can see the polygonal faceting in the cross dome and big columns – that is because the OBJ file format does not support subpatch smoothing.

What I have since learned is that you should “freeze” the subpatches and UV map that model. Then the texture maps you create can be applied to the subpatched model.

I also wanted to fix up the quality of my UV maps. So I am starting over again. At least RizomUV makes UV mapping much easier.

Hopefully I will get back to the texturing step quickly and have an even better render to show for it.