First Light – The New Sigma 150mm-600mm Lens

I treated myself today – in a fairly big way. I bought a super-telephoto lens and decided on the Sigma 150 to 600mm Contemporary.

As is my custom, I took the first photo from my balcony.

Moneris building at 600mmBeing a super-telephoto, I pointed at the building where I work and zoomed all the way out to the full 600mm length.

Holy wow! I cannot fit the full name and logo of the company in the frame! My estimate is that I am about 500 meters away and I filled the frame with the neon sign at the top edge of the building roof. Amazing!

I cannot wait to start taking more meaningful photos with this new glass. I’ll probably have to develop a new appreciation for bird or critter watching. That’s not something that I’d think I am patient enough for; but we’ll see.

This completes my lens collection for the foreseeable future. I can go from 10mm to 600mm while having comfortable overlap with each lens.

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