Late Company

On Friday night, the Village Players began their production of Jordan Tannahill’s Late Company.

Unfortunately, I missed the opening night, but I made sure to attend Saturday night’s showing. I had been made aware of the play because my friend’s son Dylan is a cast member.

Not knowing anything about the play or the playwright, I entered the theater with a blank canvas for my expectations. A small sign at the front desk warned of “mature language and subject matter.” In the playbill, there was a note from the director, Valary Cook:

Late Company is based on a true story. It was inspired by the death of 15 year old Jamie Hubley, son of a an Ottawa Councilman, in 2011. The issues raised in Late Company, personal, parental and societal, are still very present.

You can read more about Jamie’s tragic death here.

This play is powerful. All five cast members were superb and evoked strong emotions from varied points of view. Being a dinner discussion, the set was minimalist; that kept attention focused on the actors and what was being said.

The audience is left with tackling the question of where (or perhaps if) to assign blame.

Dylan’s plays a moody teen who was one of the bullies. He and his parents arrive at the home of the victim’s parents for dinner and some healing. It is difficult to say how much of the latter happens as still-raw emotions lead to accusations – and some revelations.

Solid performances all around. Dylan had few speaking parts – so when he did say something, it was noticed. Perhaps one of his strongest appearances was the final few seconds of the show. I’ll leave the reader hanging with that…

I think I’ll see it again to better allow the material and the questions it leaves you with to settle into my brain.

Bravo to all who worked on this performance, both onstage and off!