3D News

The biggest announcement for me is the release of LightWave 2019. I am so grateful that NewTek has reinvigorated development on LightWave. The product may never re-gain its past prominence, but I still enjoy using it and don’t really want to move elsewhere.

There are some nice further improvements to the work done in the past year.

I hope to upgrade in the very near future.

The biggest announcement for the rest of the 3D community at large is Adobe’s purchase of Allegorithmic.

Wow! What an explosion of vitriol and paranoia! Facebook 3D forums burst apart with vicious, conspiracy theories. “Allegorithmic and Sebastien Deguy are sellouts!” “Adobe will destroy another great company!” On and on this torrent poured. Very few voices declared this to be a good thing.

My friend Steve White created this reasoned response.

There are alternatives to Photoshop or After Effects for those people who want to avoid Adobe. But the Substance products are rather unique (only Quixel comes close and I personally prefer Substance).

We’ll see what happens.