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I arrived in Niagara Falls in the early afternoon on Sunday; just a few hours after writing yesterday’s post. A winter storm descended on southern Ontario and I had to walk from the bus drop-off to the hotel. In nicer weather, it would not have been a bad walk. Trudging through snow drifts that were nearly knee-deep in places made this feel like Shackleton’s trek to the South Pole.

I spent Sunday evening in the hotel – braving the weather once more to have a steak and shrimp dinner at Red Lobster. Enduring another walk that would have been enjoyable outside of the storm.

On Monday morning – after an IHOP breakfast – I set out toward the Falls. I reached the cross-section of Murray Street and Niagara Parkway not too long after sunrise. The snow had stopped but the wind was as vicious as the previous night.

American Falls SunriseThis put me nearly directly opposite the American and Bridal Veil Falls. Most of the American Falls was hidden by the rising mist; but the sun was illuminating that in a striking fashion.

I knew right away that the photos would be worth facing the cold weather. One thought persisted in my brain, “The artist suffers for the creation.”

Horseshoe Falls Sunrise PanoGradually, I made my way along Niagara Parkway, moving upriver towards the majestic Horseshoe Falls. The sun had risen a bit higher and had much more mist to light up. Although I have been here many times, these cataracts never fail to impress.

Chunks of ice from Lake Erie streamed over the edge to collect into large floes in the basin. These were slowly moving downstream and damming-up just above the Rainbow Bridge. Not that I would risk venturing a walk across – if that were even possible – looks can be deceiving.

Cold Lamp PostThe photo that best sums up the wickedly cold morning would be this frozen lamp post.

The blowing mist freezes on the railings and lamps. On the stone balustrades it can be about three centimeters thick.

In the distance, you can see the Table Rock welcome center. This building proved to be a life-saving resource. I was able to go inside to warm up and switch my lenses. There was also a Tim Horton’s coffee shop inside; few times have I savoured their beverage quite so much!

My original plans were to take the Niagara Helicopter tour. The low ceiling clouds prevented that though. This idea is solidly implanted in my brain though; so I will have to return soon to collect some additional images from a completely unique angle.

Horseshoe Falls NightLater in the evening, I returned for the year-round, nightly light show. I had never seen this display before. The longer shutter speeds due to the darkness add an other-worldly feel to the waterfalls. The bitch-wind had stopped blowing, so it almost felt nice out.

The rest of the photos can be seen in the Flickr Album here. I may add a few more photos later today.

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