Niagara Falls!

The past week was a brutal one for me at work. I try to keep work news and info separate from my personal life on this blog. I’m not changing that rule. But I need a bit of a break.

Since I worked through the Christmas holidays, I have an extra three days of vacation. So I am heading over to Niagara Falls for a couple of days.

I’ve been in this area for most of my life but haven’t gone to The Falls too often. Most of my visits I was still a kid; so I was beholden to other people’s schedules and desires. Now, I can take my time and go where I want to when I want too.

The weather is (finally) appropriate for the season. So the weekend is very cold. I expect the mist from the cataracts will be freezing to railings, plants and light posts. I’m hoping for some magical photography.