Getting Caught Up On Media Consumption

imageA nice thing about a flight to and from the other side of the planet is that you have time to read. So I managed to finish-up with George R. R. Martin’s A Storm Of Swords. I am now chewing through A Feast For Crows.

This book is where Martin’s plot get really intricate. There are so many threads that it is difficult to keep them all straight in my head. The HBO series also begins to noticeably diverge from the source material here.

Of course, I cannot wait for the final season of the show in a few months’ time. But I also want to get through the five current books a second time before Martin completes the sixth book – history has shown that I should be safe on that account. Winking smile

Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)Two nights ago, I managed to see Bohemian Rhapsody in the theater.

I had thought that I would miss this one since it opened on the day I left for my vacation. I was sick when I got back to Toronto and then I was on-call for two weeks over the holidays. So when I saw it was still playing, I was thrilled.

Wow! Just amazing work all around. Rami Malek, Gwilym Lee and Ben Hardy were practically indistinguishable from their real-life counterparts. Sure; the plot tweaks actual history a bit for the sake of story-telling. I was impressed with the film.

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