The San Francisco Photos

Two posts in a single day is odd for me. But I have catching up to do! Here is the link to my Flickr album for the San Francisco & Perth photos.

I arrived in SF on November 1st and took the BART to the hotel where the FFRF National Convention would be held. We were practically around the corner from the famous Ferry Building. It looked to me as though there would be a good view of the Bay Bridge – a quick scouting walk confirmed that. I planned to return for golden hour and sunset.

That worked out wonderfully!

Bay Bridge Sunset Pano

I toyed around with different shots and lenses while I waited for the sun to set. I sat down on a bench across from the Alameda ferry dock to bide my time. Then I looked up and saw the raking light along the bridge and window panes glinting brightly from Alameda. It was breath-taking.

The 50mm prime lens was on the camera. I quickly took a panoramic series of shots to capture the beauty before my eyes. I spent the rest of the trip wondering if the panorama would turn out. As you can see above, it most certainly did. This is probably my favourite photo from the trip and possibly even my favourite for all over 2018.

After the Convention ended on Saturday night, I knew that I would need at least two days to experience San Francisco. My flights to Perth were on Tuesday, so I had Sunday and Monday to see what I could.

Golden Gate Bridge PredawnI had forgotten about the “fall back” Daylight Saving Time change. So on Sunday morning, I took a cab to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and arrived long before the sun rose. It was chilly and I had not bothered with a jacket.

But from Fort Point National Park, I captured this view of the famous bridge. I rather like the spiking of the lights – that was in-camera and not Photoshop.

I walked back to the hotel. The steep hills that San Francisco is known for are not visible on a flat map. So I ended up getting a lot of leg exercise. It was exhausting but worth it; I managed to photograph a lovely backlit sunrise of the city. I quite accidentally passed by City Lights Books – famous for publishing Alan Ginsburg’s Howl and having to fight obscenity charges for it.

On Monday, I went out with some friends from the Convention. We took a trolley up to the Castro District. Then we took a bus over to Haight and Ashbury. Definitely eye-and-mind opening experiences.

I know that I barely scratched the surface of all that San Francisco has to offer. I’ll have to return to take in more of this incredible and vibrant city.

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