Month: January 2019

Tower Bridge LEGO Model

I finally got around to buying this! I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment. The Tower Bridge Creator set arrived last night. Nearly 4,300 pieces of LEGO goodness.

3D News

The biggest announcement for me is the release of LightWave 2019. I am so grateful that NewTek has reinvigorated development on LightWave. The product may never re-gain its past prominence,

Niagara Falls Flickr Album

I arrived in Niagara Falls in the early afternoon on Sunday; just a few hours after writing yesterday’s post. A winter storm descended on southern Ontario and I had to

Niagara Falls!

The past week was a brutal one for me at work. I try to keep work news and info separate from my personal life on this blog. I’m not changing

Canada Grants Asylum To Rahaf Alqunun

Aside from writing about the FFRF National Conventions, I haven’t posted much else that is directly related to atheism and religion. The case of Rahaf Alqunun made national headlines this


I often try to model and render a New Years image. Last year, I procrastinated too much. So this year, I pushed myself to get the work done. The modeling